• Studio Sales

    Are you in Portland, Oregon? We have an upcoming Studio Sale:
    see covid safety info below

    Saturday & Sunday June 12-13, 11am-6pm: Open to the public
    Friday, June 11: Private Appointments Available
    4614 SE Salmon St, Portland OR
    Featuring Janet Buskirk, Jim Koudelka, Katt Splat, Nancy Hart, Alex Farnham
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    Covid safety:
    Ventilation is excellent. We will have the following doors open: a roll-up garage door, a double french door, and a regular door. We also have several windows open. We allow very few people in the studio at one time. We require masks on everyone. Would you like a private viewing? Click here for a Private Appointment on Friday, June 11. If you would like a private appointment on a different day, please contact us.

  • Galleries & other Places to Buy Our Work

    Shopping online?
    We always have some work available in our Studio, but at the moment the choices are different every day. Contact us if you are interested in buying our work, and we can send you photos and prices of items that are available


    Ceramic Showcase, www.ceramicshowcase.com, typically held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, has been cancelled due to Covid for spring 2021. Please come to our June Studio Sale instead

    Janet also has work on display at the following galleries:

    Mossy Creek Gallery, 483 S Immonen Rd Gleneden Beach, OR, Mossy Creek Pottery. Jim sells pottery here too!

    Oceanic Arts Gallery, 444 SW Bay Blvd Newport, OR, Oceanic Arts

    Sticks and Stones, 1368 Bay St, Florence, OR, www.oregoncoastgalleries.net/sticks-sto…

    RiverSea Gallery, 1160 Commercial Street, Astoria, Oregon, RiverSea

    Valley Art Association, 2022 Main St, Forest Grove, Oregon, Valley Art