Janet Buskirk is a studio potter based in Portland, Oregon. She is known for her colorful, beautifully decorated functional pottery as well as for her whimsical soda-fired pottery. Her functional plates, cups, bowls, mugs and salt and pepper sets are made to be used in your home and are glazed in a variety of blue, red and purple colors. This work is made of high-fired porcelain and stoneware, fired to cone 10 in a gas kiln. She makes wheel thrown as well as hand built works, and they are glazed with tough, usable but yet lovely glazes. All work is food safe and lead free.

Janet's newest work, inspired by her 9 year old son, Jasper, incorporates fossils into the clay. It focuses on tidepools and marine life, which has always been one of Janet's passions.

Janet's husband, Jim Koudelka, also works in ceramics. Jim is known for his “Carnival” work, which is colorful, soda fired, porcelain bowls, cups and teapots. He also makes sculptural work that combines industrial images (gears, hooks, pulleys) with clay, glass and metal.

Jim is also making new work. His interest in fly fishing has led him to make new fly tying work benches, which incorporate beautiful hardwoods, metal and ceramics. Watch for this new work, which is called Forest to Fly

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